Your Plant-Based Weekend | 3-Day Challenge

This 3-Day Challenge is FREE in January 2021 and is self-led with access to additional support available in our private Facebook group. The current FREE promotional offer ends Jan 31.


  • Answers to “what is a plant-based diet” and other common questions
  • Plant-Based staples/shopping list guide
  • Swaps for animal products you love
  • Tips for plant-based living
  • Meal options for all 3 days
  • Budget-friendly tips
  • Gluten-Free tips
  • BONUS: two printables of encouragement
Your Plant-Based Weekend

A 3-day challenge exploring the world of plant-based living and experiencing all of its benefits.

Your Plant-Based Weekend 3-Day Challenge is not a weight loss challenge. It is not a strict diet to follow and there are no measuring or counting calories. THIS IS NOT your typical plant-based challenge. This 3-day challenge does not encourage you to count calories or measure your foods. It does not dictate what you can’t eat (minus the fact that you won’t be eating animal products) or what you eat and when.

Your Plant-Based Weekend is a 3-day challenge that will allow those who are plant-based curious to try a plant-based diet in a lax, supportive, and encouraging way. YOUR PLANT-BASED WEEKEND IS the perfect tool for someone who wants guidance towards a plant-based diet but doesn’t want to feel trapped into a new lifestyle. It is ideal for the family who wants to incorporate more plant-based meals but isn’t sure how to do that or what to replace their animal products with. This challenge is perfect for people who don’t like to follow recipes (like me!) or don’t want to spend extra time in the kitchen.

This challenge is perfect for the mama who wants to see if this would work for her family of 4 or the corporate mama who needs something that will give her energy during long days of meetings or travel.

This challenge is perfect for anyone wanting to try a plant-based lifestyle with support and encouragement.

I created this program because when we started a plant-based diet I wanted it to be as easy as possible. I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed with rules or do’s and don’ts. We were a family of 4 and we wanted all of us to do this with as much ease and simplicity as possible.

You see, I scoured YouTube and Instagram but everything I could find was too perfect. Meals were elaborate (but beautiful) and the foods were exotic (and I’m sure they were delicious). What I was finding just wasn’t a reality for our family in the midwest. I knew we could live a plant-based lifestyle but it would be much different than I was seeing online. So I educated myself and figured out what worked for us. If you are reading this and seeing YOURSELF and YOUR STORY then this challenge is for you!

You are not alone on this journey. Join our private Facebook group and I will answer all your questions!
If you have any questions about this before signing up, email me.

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