Hi! I’m Megan, Plant-Based Nutrition Coach and mom of 2. My goal is to support and guide you towards a more plant-focused healthy way of living for you & and your family.


What My Clients Are Saying

"She offers guidance at every stage of interest and experience, offering support, enthusiasm, and tangible advice & ideas. Thank you, Megan!" - Allie

“I'm now equipped with delicious recipes and beginners tips for leading a more plant-based life!! Thank you, Megan, for my customized plan... you made a difficult decision a whole lot easier.” - Sandra

“We committed to a plant-based diet challenge... which meant no meat for 30 days. It's been almost 30 days and I've felt a monumental shift. First off, I actually sleep through the night and wake up feeling rested. Secondly, I don't experience stomach pain or bloating like before. Most importantly, I've noticed an overall increase in energy and mood.” - Mike