Breakthrough Call

45 minute call (video or voice) where we talk about what a plant-based diet is, discuss where you are and where you want to be. At the end you will receive a customized meal plan with 5-7 recipes, tips, and more! This is a great starting point for most people!

14-Day Jumpstart Program

My 14-day jumpstart group program will take you from confused to confident in the choices around a plant-based diet. This is a perfect program for beginners or those needing a nutrition refresher.

*This group program occurs every 6 weeks.

Private Nutrition Coaching

Megan Zars Private Nutrition Coaching

Imagine adopting a plant-based diet and having a support person, confidant, and cheerleader with you every step you take. Need help grocery shopping? I’m here. Need recipe ideas? I can help! This is a customizable coaching program that you will LOVE!

If are you wanting to get started on a plant-based diet but aren’t sure where to start, you’ve found the right place!

I am passionate about helping women learn about and implement a plant-based diet in a way that works for them. The way you live this lifestyle will not be the same as everyone else and that’s okay! It’s all about finding a way that you enjoy, feel great on, and fits into your current life.

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What My Clients Are Saying

"She offers guidance at every stage of interest and experience, offering support, enthusiasm, and tangible advice & ideas. Thank you, Megan!" - Allie

“I'm now equipped with delicious recipes and beginners tips for leading a more plant-based life!! Thank you, Megan, for my customized plan... you made a difficult decision a whole lot easier.” - Sandra

“We committed to a plant-based diet challenge... which meant no meat for 30 days. It's been almost 30 days and I've felt a monumental shift. First off, I actually sleep through the night and wake up feeling rested. Secondly, I don't experience stomach pain or bloating like before. Most importantly, I've noticed an overall increase in energy and mood.” - Mike