Raising Our Kids on a Plant-Based Diet.


A plant-based (or vegan) diet isn’t for everyone and many people think we’re CRAZY choosing to raise our kids this way.

Back when my husband and I first got married, we were both vegetarians. I had been one for over 10 years and had no interest in adding meat back into my life. One of the most common questions I would get was

“When you have kids, will you make them eat vegetarian too?”

Raising Our Kids on a Plant-based vegan diet

For the longest time I was almost offended and felt the need to defend myself on my stance. But as we become parents I realized, it truly doesn’t matter what other people say or think.

We raised our first son as a vegetarian for about a year before we all decided to adopt a plant-based diet.

We decided to not only raise our kids without meat, but we chose to go 100% animal product free.

And I would never change that decision for anything.

Here are 3 reasons why we are choosing to raise our kids plant-based vegan:

  1. Raising my children plant-based from day one means they will be less picky eaters. Their favorite foods are broccoli, avocado, peppers, bananas, quinoa…. basically EVERYTHING from plants….. they LOVE.

  2. My children will grow up with healthier stats than the nations averages. They, theoretically speaking, will have healthier weights and since they are consuming higher nutrient dense foods (without cholesterol, chemicals, and junk) they are likely to be sick less.

  3. They are learning from a young age that plant foods are the KEY to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body. Honestly, I just want them to understand that plants are delicious and should be a staple in their diet…. no matter what diet choice they make for their future. 

Disclaimer: It’s not super easy raising vegan kids. Especially in the Midwest. Produce can be iffy in the cold months + the need for warm comfort foods when it’s -10 out vs. a healthy green salad. BUT we are learning that it’s all about balance.

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If you are raising vegan kids, what made you make the choice?