Spices To Keep On Hand For Mouthwatering Vegan Meals

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If you are choosing to adopt a plant-based lifestyle, familiarizing yourself with more spices will enhance your world of vegan food. Although this list may seem simple, these are the BEST spices to keep on hand for mouthwatering vegan meals.

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When we went plant-based and officially cut out dairy, I noticed that my food started tasting SO MUCH BETTER.  Dairy, including milk and cheese, will actually coat your tongue with a film that prohibits you from really tasting foods, especially fresh and raw produce.

Eating more plant food became exciting!

I could really taste the differences between pepper varieties or foods I once hated now tasted delicious.  Foods like broccoli or squash started to have depth and was absolutely mouthwatering.

And some foods I hated, like olives, well…. I still hate them.

What I noticed when we went vegan was that I had to be open to trying new flavors. I mean, I could have avoided it but then food would have been so boring!

We NEVER made things like curry or Mediterranean flavors but on a plant-based diet it is such a quick and easy meal that we use as a staple.

If you are adopting a plant-based diet OR just want to know what spices are great to have on hand to make more mouthwatering meals, here is a great place to start!

Top Spices To Keep On Hand As Vegans

  1. Iodized Salt
  2. Pepper
  3. Garlic Powder
  4. Curry Powder
  5. Chili Powder
  6. Turmeric
  7. Basil
  8. Dill
  9. Cinnamon
  10. Vanilla (extract)
  11. Ginger

These are spices that we enjoy using regularly for some of our favorite plant-based meals. These spices really add flavor to vegan dishes and help create mouthwatering vegan meals. Who wouldn’t want that?!

For those looking for some delicious vegan meal ideas, this cookbook is a great resource. If that cookbook isn’t your taste, this is a favorite of ours.

If you are new to a plant-based diet or new to eating a lot more plant foods, using spices will keep things interesting. Don’t feel like you need to go crazy though. Start simple with something you know you like and slowly work your way up! 

When in doubt, we use salt, pepper, and garlic. 😉

What spices do you gravitate towards? Have you tried any new spices recently?

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