My Missed Miscarriage Symptoms with Baby #3

* TRIGGER WARNING: As you can see from the title, I will be talking about miscarriage in this article which may be triggering for some. If you are currently going through a miscarriage or have in the past and need to talk to someone, reach out to your OBGYN or midwife to find someone local to you. Take care of yourself and your health, mama. I am absolutely thinking of you. *

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Hi mama – If you are finding this page you might be going through one of the most challenging things in your life. If you are, I am thinking of you.

Writing this post was not fun but documenting my symptoms and experience was important to me during the grieving process. My hope is that it provides you some comfort or reassurance if you are going through the same thing. If nothing else, I hope it reminds you that you are not alone.

Here’s a little more about my story.

I have been pregnant 3 times. My first two pregnancies were relatively similar in the area of symptoms. Morning sickness in the beginning, sciatica at the end.

My third wasn’t far off from what I had previously experienced.

However, at 14 weeks with my third pregnancy, I miscarried our little boy.

pregnancies with three babies / realistic plant based mama

Miscarrying our son at 14 weeks was a heartbreaking, shocking, and mind-numbing experience. The moments I spent in the hospital during this process gave me time to think and it became clear to me that the signs had been clear that something was different.

Truth is, I had a gut feeling that something was off for close to 2 weeks prior to my ultrasound that showed my sweet boy with no heart beat.

Talking about symptoms of miscarriage feels a little taboo and sensitive but both for myself and for others, I thought I would share MY experience.

If you missed my miscarriage story, you can read it here.

my Missed Miscarriage Symptoms

DISCLAIMER: This is not intended to be medical advice. This was my experience and symptoms that were true to me. If you have symptoms that are concerning during your pregnancy, please contact your doctor or midwife ASAP.

symptoms of possible miscarriage from realistic plant based mama

1. Nausea went away.

Very often nausea will go away as you enter the second trimester which could have also been why it was happening to me but between that and my gut feeling that I was no longer pregnant, it seems clear.

2. Breasts Were no longer tender.

My boobs were sore from the very beginning. I felt like I could pump/nurse from the get go. (I did not have this experience with my other pregnancies)

So when around 12-13 weeks I noticed my boobs felt normal again, things seemed…off. I thought, yet again, just something different this time around.

One of the only photos I took of my belly during this pregnancy. This was around 13 weeks I think.

One of the only photos I took of my belly during this pregnancy. This was around 13 weeks I think.

3. Mother’s intuition/gut feelings.

It’s hard to admit but from the beginning of my pregnancy, I felt like something was different. Even after seeing sweet baby brother on not one but two ultrasounds (heartbeat and all!) it was still hard.

As my pregnancy symptoms started going away, my mother’s intuition was telling me things were changing. I was unable to find the heartbeat on my home doppler but tried not to over think it. However, the mom in me just knew.

Even the night before my 14 week appointment I had a dream that I was bleeding. I woke up nervous but there was nothing.

But this was, yet again, another sign that things were changing.

4. Arthritis symptoms got significantly worse.

I haven’t shared much, if anything, about my arthritis on my website quite yet but those who have followed me on other channels probably know that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Throughout each pregnancy I am VERY thankful that my RA gets significantly better. (It maintains itself during nursing too… woohoo!)

The weeks leading up to miscarrying I hadn’t really notice the changes in my symptoms ….. until I really thought about. Around 12 weeks with baby #3 I noticed my swelling in my hands increased.

The week of my appointment I had been complaining of severed swelling in my hands. The weather can really effect my symptoms so I wasn’t thinking anything of it but it makes 100% sense now.

After everything is done and I’m no longer pregnant, my arthritis came back with vengeance. After 3 years of pregnancy and nursing, it came back with intensity I hadn’t experienced in years.

Nothing like kicking you when you’re down…..

Truth is, all of these could be a coincidence.

I’m not a doctor. I have no idea if these symptoms were medical signs of miscarriage or just chance. However, I know my body and when I think back, I know that this was my body getting itself “back to normal.” Back to being “not pregnant”.

My heart breaks knowing that my little guy is no longer growing in my tummy but with the symptoms subsided, it’s a little easier to put one foot in front of the other and move forward.

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* If you are experiencing a miscarriage or have in the past, I would love for you to share (if willing) something about your son or daughter in the comments. Our little ones were sweet babies, no matter how old they were. Their lives deserve to be recognized, honored, and celebrated.

So much love to you, mama. You are not alone.

NOTE: If you think you might be experiencing a miscarriage, please reach out to your care provider as they can support you through the process. Don’t be afraid to ask them to be seen even if you simply feel nervous or like something is different.


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Hi!  I’m Megan and welcome to my blog! I am a mom of two boys who is passionate about sharing our real life experience of raising plant-based kids!   READ MORE

Hi! I’m Megan and welcome to my blog! I am a mom of two boys who is passionate about sharing our real life experience of raising plant-based kids! READ MORE

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