Natural & Kid-Safe Sunscreens Reviewed


Let’s talk about Natural sunscreens.

When I was pregnant for the very first time (and then again when my son was born) finding the BEST NATURAL SUNSCREEN was a main focus.

I had to find the perfect sunscreen for me and my kids – something I could stand by and support and feel good about.

I researched and learned what I needed to avoid but I had no idea which brands were ACTUALLY good and not just all talk.

All the sunscreens tested on my sons arm….

All the sunscreens tested on my sons arm….

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So over the years I have tried a bunch. As expected, each brand comes with it’s own pros and cons — and I’m here to share them with you!

Let’s jump in….

Each product I will break down the pros and cons as well as rating it 0-5 stars. (5 being the best) I hope you find this helpful!


1. BALM! Baby

This is the first sunscreen I bought when my son was born. It seemed like the perfect product being in a convenient stick (and cardboard container at that!) but it was less than desirable.

PROS: Non-nano zinc oxide, no crazy smell, works well as a physical sunscreen, vegan

CONS: SUPER difficult to apply (it’s a very sticky and thick sunscreen), not budget friendly, not easy to find, kids fight me when applying.

PRICE: $11.99 – $15.99 depending on store



badger sunscreen / realistic plant-based mama review


We used this for a full summer and felt it was a better option than BALM! Baby but here is how it breaks down.

PROS: Non-nano zinc oxide, smells nice, works well as a physical sunscreen, easy to apply, easy to find, kids don’t mind it.

CONS: Thick product, leaves a white cast on your skin, contains beeswax (so not vegan)



cerave sunscreen / realistic plant based mama

3. CeraVe

PROS: Great to apply, lightweight, great for sensitive skin, easy to find in store

CONS: Not perfectly clean but scores a 2 on

PRICE: around $14.99 for the baby version, regular version is around $23 on Amazon for a two pack.



blue lizard sunscreen / realistic plant based mama review

4. Blue Lizard ☆TOP CHOICE☆

This is a newer to us product and so far it’s been great!

PROS: Easy to apply, great packaging (changes color when UV rays hit it), scores 1 on, easy for kids to help rub it in.

CONS: not vegan (contains beeswax), pricey compared to chemical main stream sunscreen.

PRICE: around $14.99 for 5oz

LINK: <- sensitive skin 5oz bottle <- face sunscreen 3oz tube


Goddess Garden Sunscreen Spray / realistic plant-based mama reviews

5. Goddess garden organics (SPRAY)

This product was one that we tried because we had an Ibotta rebate. I was excited to try a natural spray sunscreen and this one was available at our local grocery store so I bought it. Here’s how it played out….

PROS: Active ingredients that I approve of, non-aerosol can, works well as a sunscreen

CONS: Stained everything. (maybe the new formula is different) I made the mistake of spraying this on my son while he was in his (black) stroller and it left a white stain on his stroller for months. It was impossible to wash out. This makes the spray function a little silly. You still need to rub it in vigorously so it’s quite time consuming.

PRICE: around $17.99



natural sunscreens / plant based sunscreen / realistic plant-based mama

5 BRANDs I would like to try

I hope this list helps you make a decision on a sunscreen for summer 2019! All are available on Amazon and are linked above. Thanks for reading!

Be sure to share with a friend who might need some extra sunscreen guidance.

PS: For a list of the cleanest sunscreens, check out 

If you are a new mom you are probably looking for the perfect natural sunscreen for your baby's skin. These sunscreens were put to the test on an infant and toddler. Some we will continue you to use and some we wont buy again. What natural sunscreens for kids are you trying this year? These natural sunscreens for kids will be a game changer. I hope these natural sunscreen brands help you!

What (natural preferred) sunscreen do you use? Share and leave a link in the comments!

Welcome to Realistic Plant-Based Mama!

Hi!  I’m Megan and welcome to my blog! I am a mom of toddlers and am passionate about sharing our real life experience of raising plant-based kids, motherhood, and more!   READ MORE

Hi! I’m Megan and welcome to my blog! I am a mom of toddlers and am passionate about sharing our real life experience of raising plant-based kids, motherhood, and more! READ MORE

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  1. I also love Blue Lizard – but this year I decided to try the new Hello Bello sunscreen and I LOVE IT! It’s a little cheaper than Blue Lizard and works phenomenally (plus it smells really good too). I rarely change sunscreens because I am very allergic to most generic sunscreens, but I am so glad I stepped out of my usual because Hello Bello is my new fav (for our whole family, not just Elle)!

    1. I haven’t had a chance to try anything from Hello Bello yet! I’m gonna have to go find some! (is it still only available at walmart? Looks like I have a road trip coming soon! ha)

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