How To Use Chia Seeds + 10 Easy Recipes!

If this is the first you are hearing about chia seeds I am SO excited to introduce you to such a unique food. We have been using chia in our home for a long time now. To the kids, they are “sprinkles” (along with hemp seeds & flax seeds) and to me they are DELICIOUS. They are such an easy thing to throw into many recipes, especially for little ones. I hope that you learn how to use chia seeds and choose to explore them!

If you are new to chia seeds, this is what they look like:

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Aren’t they fun?! They look kind of like little bugs or dinosaur eggs but I promise you they are WORTH adding to your diet. Let me share a little about WHY we have chosen to use chia seeds for the last decade.

Full of nutrients in a tiny little package

In 1 ounce of chia seeds you are getting:

  • 4.4g of protein
  • 10.6g of fiber
  • 177 mg of Calcium (18% DV)
  • 8.6g of fat (13% DV coming partially from omegas which is AWESOME)
  • 30% DV of Manganese
  • 27% DV of Phosphorus

Nutritional data source


If you read my previous post about plant-based proteins, you may remember me talking about plant foods that contain high amounts of protein but specifically mentioning those classified as COMPLETE proteins.

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Well friends, chia seeds are one of those COMPLETE proteins!

And while they only contain “a small amount” of protein per ounce, once you see the list of AMAZING ways to incorporate chia seeds, you’ll see that the protein count can quickly add up.

Filling & Convenient

When I know I will be out and about and have limited time to grab food, I make sure to have something with chia seeds to help curb my hunger. Typically I will scoop some into a mason jar, add ice, water (or juice if you prefer), and fruit, put on the lid, and go. When you do this and shake periodically until the chia seeds get gelatinous, they make a lovely and filling drink!

Another thing is that they are convenient. You don’t need to cook them or even grind them (although some people prefer this – I find it unnecessary) They even make chia in adorable little travel sized containers! What a great way to always have a protein source with you.

You can also grab bars like these for 12g of protein! (ps: use the code “realisticplantbasedmama” for 30% off!)

How To Use Chia Seeds

Let’s get into the fun stuff…RECIPES! There are so many unique ways to utilize chia and I’ll share a handful of them below.

Beverage options:

Food recipes:

Basic uses for chia seeds:

  • Sprinkle on ALL varieties of toast
  • Add to a smoothie bowl
  • Mix in with oatmeal
  • As an egg replacer (called a “chia egg”)

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You may be asking yourself if you really need to include these in your diet. No, you don’t. But if you follow a plant-based vegan diet, they are an easy way to add protein, especially for little ones!

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Have you had chia seeds before? How do you use them?


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11 thoughts on “How To Use Chia Seeds + 10 Easy Recipes!”

  1. I love chia seeds!! I add them to a lot of different recipes especially for my toddler. It makes me feel better knowing he’s getting good nutrients!

    1. We love them for our toddlers. It’s a fun and easy thing to add that ensures we’re boosting their health in even the slightest way 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Whitney!

  2. I appreciate the powerful nutritional benefits of chia seeds and try to use them as much as I can. I add them to smoothies and baked goods, but one thing I can’t embrace is chia pudding. I want to love it, but I just can’t handle the texture- funny since I’m an Occupational Therapist 😊 For now, I’ll keep grinding them up and hiding them in my food.

    1. I don’t love chia pudding either but my boys do! We love to hide them in lots of things as well.

      Thanks for sharing, Shellie!

  3. I feel like an idiot. I have used chia seeds in oatmeal and smoothies, but hadn’t thought of using it in anything else. Boy am I glad I found your post. Thank you so much. I’m excited to experiment with your recommendations now.

    1. Hi Eileen – Hopefully the information on this blog post helps you using your chia seeds. Just play around with them and if nothing else, use them as “sprinkles” on breakfast foods – That works for us!

  4. I’ve never used chia seeds before but excited to try them! I’m adding more natural foods to my diet, mainly in an attempt to cut back on meds for chronic migraine and autoimmune issues.

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