Binxy Baby Cart Hammock Review | loved and used since 2016

When I had my first son my sister gifted me this amazing cart hammock and now everyone I know gets one….

Learn more about this amazing baby product in my video (from 2016) below! Check out my sweet little baby! (who is now 3! *tear*)

Not only did we use it for baby number 1 back in 2016 but we also used it for baby #2 in 2017 and will use it for all future babies too! It makes shopping a BREEZE. No need to carry around the massive baby bucket seat plus baby gets to stretch out and see the world around him. (PS: but if you want to leave baby in the bucket seat, you can safely secure it IN the Binxy Baby Hammock and still have all the space in the cart for groceries… It’s incredible!)

We are HUGE fans (and both my babies LOVED it).

*Link above is a referral link and does earn me a small commission. All opinions on this product are my own.