Puzzle Piece Adoption Fundraiser

Here we are, our first official adoption fundraiser! This is going to be a VERY special one.

Together, Jacob and I created a 1000 piece puzzle. The photo is a beautiful piece of artwork with the saying “…and she will be extraordinary” overlaying the photo. This puzzle will be put together and then framed so we can display it in our daughter’s bedroom. What makes this extra special is that YOUR NAMES will be on the back.

How a puzzle piece adoption fundraiser works:

  1. We have a 1,000 piece puzzle that was custom made for our sweet girl.
  2. Each piece is a $10 donation and will go directly towards bringing our daughter home from China!
  3. You can buy 1, 2, 5, 10… however many your heart desires!
  4. To purchase via PayPal, click here, or you can make a tax-deductible donation on our AdoptTogether site.
  5. After you have purchased your piece(s), we will write your name on the back of the puzzle piece(s)!
  6. Once all the puzzle pieces have been assigned or “sold”, we will put the puzzle together and frame it to be displayed in our daughter’s room. The best part is that we will use a double-sided frame so we can see all the wonderful people who played an important part in our daughter’s story.

It is our goal to sell all 1,000 pieces (raising $10,000!) by September 1. Once our youngest turns three, we can OFFICIALLY submit our paperwork to China so that is the BIG date we are anxious to reach. The funds from this puzzle fundraiser will help us get there and be ready to submit our Dossier paperwork!

To help bring our daughter home through our puzzle piece adoption fundraiser, the quickest and easiest way to give is through the PayPal “Donate” button above. A single puzzle piece is $10, but if you wish to above and beyond that simply put the desired donation amount in the box and click NEXT to process. Please know that any support; financial, emotional, through the sharing of our story, etc, is more than we could honestly ask for. Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts.

We have started putting the puzzle together! It is a HARD one (whoops, that’s totally our fault since we designed it!) but it is going to be SO beautiful once complete.

As of June 21, we have sold 120 pieces!
As of July 26, we have sold 375.5!

PS: Are you seeing #LoveALittleExtra in a variety of places? We sure hope so! This is our hashtag for our adoption because those with Down syndrome, like the little girl we will be adopting, have an extra chromosome. When we were thinking about our adoption, we immediately fell in love with the idea of “loving a little extra”. Our daughter will be the “little extra” in our life and TADA, #LoveALittleExtra was born. We thank YOU for choosing to love a little extra and supporting our adoption.

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  1. Live this idea. We want to try it with choosing to do ivf. Wondering if you mind sharing where you got your puzzle from?

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