1 Week Since Our Lives Changed Forever


5 weeks ago we got this ultrasound. I saw you wiggling around like crazy. Like flipping and spinning. (It was pretty adorable) 5 weeks ago I saw your heart beating strong.


2 weeks later you had stopped growing, and we didn’t know. You continued to live in my belly (and I’m so thankful you did).

1 week ago I saw you lying there still on the ultrasound. No movements. No heartbeat. I knew immediately. 😔

1 week ago I delivered you. You entered the world and we knew you were already in heaven. 1 week ago our hearts were broken.


Over those 4 weeks God decided that your life here on earth would be short. He knew something we didn’t. And although we found peace in seeing your sweet little body (and decided not to do any chromosome testing) God knew that for some reason you would not be able to live with us.

As hard as that is for us to understand, as much as our hearts hurt and tears fall in your memory, we trust in God. He has a vision for our life (and for your life, sweet little baby) and all we can do is trust him to guide us.

It’s been one week since we said hello and goodbye and we miss you like crazy.

Love you sweet boy.