5 Must-Try Vegan Tofu Recipes

Tofu is one of those foods that people either love or hate. In our family, we believe in using tofu and other soybean products. It’s not something we eat daily, but probably once or twice a week. (My kids love it and it’s a great source of nutrients including protein!)

What I love about tofu is that it is such a versatile food! We use it in sweet recipes, dressings and sauces, main dishes. It is something that we LOVE to have on hand ALL. THE. TIME. Basically for “just in case” situations but also because some of our favorite recipes (see below) use Tofu!

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So how does one cook tofu and make it taste good you ask? Tofu takes on the flavors of what it’s cooked in so marinading and simmering can do wonders in the tofu world. I recently learned about using cornstarch with my tofu and OH.MY.GOSH. It was a total game changer and gave me the recipe you see above. Such a simple thing to do and honestly, you wouldn’t even know the final result was a tofu dish! * blown away *

Here are 5 of our favorite recipes for tofu that even the pickiest eaters will like!

  1. Crispy Baked Buffalo Tofu Wings from The Curious Chickpea

  2. Coconut Crusted Tofu from Well Vegan

  3. Parmesan Crusted Herb Tofu from Rabbits and Wolves

  4. Vegan Tofu Quinoa Taco Meat from Fooduzzi

  5. Chickpea, Tofu, and Spinach Curry from Cocoon Cooks

My biggest tip for you is to explore different ways of cooking tofu. Our new favorite way is similar to this. (click to read)

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5 tofu recipes that you must try _ Realisiticplantbasedmama

If you are still learning about and exploring with tofu, don’t feel discouraged. It is a very interesting food and takes some trial and error. One day you might cook it perfectly and then the next it tastes like jello.

knowing what TYPE of tofu to get is so important. Here is what I look for:

  • Non GMO

  • Organic

  • Firm or Extra Firm (Unless I’m using it for smoothies - which I never do - so I usually just by my tried and true)

I honestly prefer the Nasoya brand (and it’s been a long standing product at our grocery store so it’s easiest to find)

RANDOM: As I was searching through Amazon, I found this “Tofu Scramble” seasoning AND PURCHASED IT because it looks and sounds amazing. If you’ve never tried a tofu scramble in place of scrambled eggs, you should. It’s delicious.

Anyway, if you try out these recipes let me know in the comments or share one of your favorites below!

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Hi!  I’m Megan and welcome to my blog! I am a mom of two boys who is passionate about sharing our real life experience of raising plant-based kids!   READ MORE

Hi! I’m Megan and welcome to my blog! I am a mom of two boys who is passionate about sharing our real life experience of raising plant-based kids! READ MORE


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