32 best whole food plant-based snacks

As you transition your family to a plant-based diet you may be deciding if it’s easier to be flexible about your diet and allow packaged foods, or stick to a more whole foods plant-based way of eating.  For our family, we found a nice balance of the two because we want to enjoy life, feel/be healthy, and encourage positive food habits for our kids. That’s why finding the BEST whole food plant-based snacks was so important for our family. 

Before we jump into this large list, I want to remind you that plant-based can mean a range of things but to ME, and in the case of this post, we are talking about plant foods with no animal products. I also DO allow oils which are sometimes on the “avoid” list for those on a strict whole foods plant-based diet.

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1. Fresh Fruit

I feel like this is and always will be my top suggestion for whole food plant-based snacks because they are full of incredible nutrients, are high water content, and are super satisfying. Plus if you are wanting summer snacks, what better way to snack than with a refreshing, freshly picked berry?!

2. Fresh Vegetables

These are another “duh” item because they are as “whole food” as you can get. What’s fun with veggies is that you can dip them in things like hummus, you can eat them raw, eat them cooked, and combine them to make delicious salads or kabobs. They may seem like a boring choice but they don’t have to be!

Our favorite way to eat vegetables in the summer is right off the plant. Have you ever enjoyed a warm cherry tomato? Or snapped a fresh green been off the vine for a snack? It’s one of my kids favorite ways the snack!

3. Dried Fruit

When it comes to dried fruit, I would eat sparingly. The thing with dried fruit is the the sugars become concentrated which means the sugar content is higher than it’s non-dried counterpart. And because they are smaller, we tend to eat more. So if you enjoy dried fruit, try pairing it with nuts or seeds to add some healthy fats. Which takes us to our next

4. Nuts

If you’ve read my post about plant-based protein sources, you’ll know that nuts are something we love to incorporate in our diet! Quick protein and energy, nuts are a great snack option for kids and adults.

5. Chickpeas (Roasted or unroasted)

Have you ever had raw or roasted chickpeas? They are WAY more delicious than you would think. And what is great about them is that they contain protein making them great for quick energy, and can be made in dozens of ways! Sweet. Savory. Spicy. Blended.

Here are some ideas if you want to add chickpeas into your diet.

6. Tofu

This may seem like a silly “snack” idea but honestly, it flies as a snack in our house a few days a week. And the best part is, my kids just like it raw! Yup. No cooking it, no seasoning, nothing. Just raw, cubed up tofu, cold from the fridge. Me? It’s not my thing but the kids LOVE it. And for a quick protein option, I’m not complaining.

You could also dice and throw in the air fryer to crisp them up with some seasoning. There are so many options with tofu!

Two Natures Bakery fig bars being held in front of a green Fiddle Leaf Fig tree.

7. Fig Bars

Our kids love fig bars (these ones to be exact) and they really come in handy in a pinch. Not only are they great for throwing in the bag and having on the go, they feel a little bit like a treat while also containing some nutritional value.

If you’ve never tried Natures Bakery fig bars, they come in like 15+ flavors and varieties. Our favorites are Raspberry, Apple Cinnamon, Brownie, and Strawberry Crumble.

granola in a glass bowl

8. Granola

Granola a great option because it can be purchased already made, or you can make your own! You can customize to your own taste and it can last quite awhile in an air tight container.

Here is a great store bought option available on Amazon: Erin Baker’s Homestyle Granola

If you want to make your own, this recipe from Pick Up Limes is amazing. You can’t go wrong here.

9. Crunchy Roasted Bean snacks

Sometimes we want a crunchy “chip-like” snack, am I right? These are a fun option because they have 7g of protein and 5g of fiber but are crunchy, salty, and delicious like a chip! These are a wonderful healthy alternative to chips – perfect as a plant-based snack.

Bada Bean Bada Boom also comes in 13 different flavors and they are ALL vegan! (Vegans around the world celebrate!)

These do contain oil, so if you follow the WFPB diet sans oil, you will want to skip these.

PS: If you like these, and are okay with oil, check out these other crunchy snacks from Plant Snacks and Hippeas.

10. Potato Bites

Alright, so I may have made fries sound fancy but calling them potato bites but what I mean is roasted diced potatoes! Some may call them “home fries” but by calling them “bites” they sound healthier to me. Do you agree?!

We love roasted potato bites for snacks. Sweet potatoes this way really are a nice sweet and savory option. Or you can all the way in with russet potatoes, salt, pepper, a little rosemary and they’re pretty close to gourmet fries!

Regardless how you like your potatoes, they are a great snack option and are packed with minerals. I don’t know why they get a bad “unhealthy” rap… They really should be part of a balanced diet.

11. Pop-roasted Pumpkin Seeds

close up photo of a spinach salad topped with cucumber, avocado, and salt & pepper pop-roasted pumpkin seeds. Bag of pumpkin seeds and garlic expressions salad dressing in the background.

These are new to me but they are DELICIOUS. They satisfy the craving of a crunchy snack but packed with protein! 10g per serving! We like to use them as a snack on their own or on top of some of our favorite foods like salads and avocado toast.

If you want to try pop-roasted pumpkin seeds for 10% off, you can use the code “PlantBased” at checkout over on their website, topfoxsnacks.com.

pretzel, bavaria, snack

 12. Pretzels

If you have kids you probably already eat pretzels a lot, at least we do. But these really can be a great quick snacks for a pinch. You can even add them to a bag of nuts and maybe some raisins to make them something fun.

food, protein balls, snacks

 13. Protein balls

We love protein balls, homemade or store bought, for a quick protein options especially for kids! These are great options because they have a quick punch of calories and protein that will help tide anyone over until a larger meal arrives.

snack, movie, popcorn

14. Popcorn

Did you know popcorn is a whole grain? We pop ours in the stove with coconut oil (if you are whole food plant based with NO oil, you’ll want to air pop yours) and it makes a quick snack any time of day. We also like to pop it in the morning and store in reusable bags for throughout the day or even during the week.

 15. Hummus and veggies

Like I mentioned earlier in this post, this is a great option for all because it’s vitamin rich and has protein. Can’t go wrong here especially if you decide to make your own hummus.

Here’s a hummus recipe we love.

 16. Meusli Cereal 

I had never heard of Meusli before until Seven Sundays. Muesli is a cold oatmeal dish based on rolled oats and ingredients like grains, nuts, seeds and fresh or dried fruits. (source: wikipedia)

The one I’ve tried from Seven Sundays contains almond, coconut, a variety of seeds, bananas, strawberries, and some spices. It also contains NO added sugar or oil. Pretty awesome, right?!

It takes great on yogurt, as a cereal, or mixed with oatmeal.

 17. Protein shake

In our house, protein shakes are considered a snack or bonus. We don’t use protein shakes to replace our meals but rather to enhance our day, especially if we have been lacking on the protein.

Our favorite plant-based protein is Orgain. I compared some of the top plant-based protein choices on my blog, and Orgain, for us, until further notice, is the clear winner.

Another bonus of Orgain, it is a killer price! (We switched from Shakeology to Orgain…. yeah. BIG price difference.) Plus, if you use the code “REALISTICPLANTBASEDMAMA” at checkout on Orgain.com you get 10% off!

Click here and enter the code REALISTICPLANTBASEDMAMA at checkout for 10% off!

 18. Protein Bars

I don’t recommend these for meal replacements or even everyday use necessarily BUT there are some great WFPB options out there that are great snacks in a pinch.

These bars from Thunderbird are awesome because they both fill that craving for sweets but are filled with all-natural, real food ingredients. They fall into the paleo-friendly, gluten-free, and kosher category as well. They work for everyone! The only downside of these is that the protein count is pretty low at 4g per bar.

Another option we love (that are high in protein) is from Orgain. They are all organic and contain 12g of protein per bar!

Our favorite flavor is the Chocolate Almond Sea Salt. They taste like fudge brownies and are delicious!

 19. Frooze Balls

How fun are these?! The name alone is fun. Frooze balls are peanut butter filled energy balls that are store bought making them a super easy thing to have on hand for snack emergencies. (Yes, you could also make them if you want! Although, not sure how easy it is to get a creamy peanut butter center homemade. If you figure it out, please let me know!)

Frooze balls come in 3 flavors; Berry Brownie, Chocolate Truffle, and Salted Caramel. They contain no fake ingredients, all made from whole foods, and have 7g of protein per 5 Frooze ball bag.

chopped, eating healthy, green

 20. Kale chips

Before you roll your eyes at this one, hear me out. Kale is one of those weird foods that I feel like nobody REALLY likes but it became trendy and cool a few years back.

To be honest, we don’t eat kale a lot BUT in the summer when our garden is poppin’ with kale, we love to add it to our salads OR make kale chips.

If you’ve never had kale chips, you should give them a try. They literally melt in your mouth. Plus, they are incredibly simple to make. Here is a simple recipe to try!

PS: They also do contain oil, so if you are WFPB sans oil, you can try to omit the oil but they might not crisp up as easily.

 21. Frozen blueberries

Ah blueberries. Our tiny, blue, antioxident filled friends. I feel like no explanation is needed as to why blueberries are a great whole food plant based snack option. BUT if fresh blueberries are boring you, try them frozen.

PS: You can also freeze grapes which I love even more as a snack.

22. Banana ice cream

If you’ve been following the vegan community for any amount of time you’ve probably seen banana “nice” cream. It is so simple to make and can be combined with any of your favorite flavors for a cold, creamy, and delicious snack. One that you won’t regret having.

Fit Foodie Finds really knocked it out of the park with these nice cream options. Check them out!

 23. Fruit popsicles

Homemade or storebought, fruit popsicles are a fun, refreshing option, especially on a hot day. If you are wanting to stick with a whole food option, we like these ones. They aren’t quite as healthy for whole food plant-based snacks as a homemade option, but they work!

If you are more the homemade popsicle type, check out this recipe for Watermelon Raspberry Popsicles.

And don’t forget some awesome popsicle molds! These are a great classic option or these monster molds to make it more fun for the kids!

celery with peanut butter, chocolate chips, and raisings on a yellow plate

 24. Celery and peanut butter

A classic snack that should be eaten more often. Throw on some raisins (or dark chocolate chips if you want to spice it up!) and call them Ants on a Log. Nostalgia anyone?

We even top ours with “sprinkles” aka chia seeds just to add a little extra.

 25. Super Seed Crackers 

If you love crackers, these are ones you should DEFINITELY try out. You can throw some vegan cream cheese and jam on them, eat them with hummus, or plain. They are DELICIOUS plain!

We like to buy Mary’s Gone Crackers from Costco because they have the best deal there BUT they are available on Amazon as well. You can probably also find them in your local grocery store.

They come in a variety of flavors from chili lime to rosemary or plain!

 26. Pita chips (or pita bread) and hummus

Yum. Pita chips or pita bread and hummus is such a delicious savory snack that is great for adults and kids alike! Hummus, especially if homemade, is a nice source of protein thanks to our chickpea friends which makes this a family staple in our house.

Alternatives to pita chips: carrots, pretzels, cucumber, peppers….basically any vegetable

 27. Corn tortilla chips and guacamole

You can’t go wrong with tortilla chips and guacamole! Make your own tortilla chips by baking corn tortillas or buy store-bought. I wouldn’t do this option every night if you are trying to make healthier choices but still it’s a great option!

Photo from BlissfulBasil.com

 28. Sweet Potato Avocado bites

I saw this recipe idea on Pinterest from BlissfulBasil.com and thought it sounded delicious! We love to eat avocado with our sweet potatoes and these were just the cutest finger food variety.

Check it out on Blissful Basil’s website.

 29. Superfood pouches

Easy for anyone at any age – quick energy and calories for on the road or when running out the door. I like the ones from Amazon and I think Costco carries the same ones, or something similar. These are great whole food plant-based snacks for the whole family and can be found almost anywhere. (applesauce pouches, mamma chia pouches, etc.)

30.  Whole wheat bite-sized pancakes 

Quick, easy, and delicious. Pancakes don’t enough credit and should not be stuck at breakfast time. We love cold whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes at our house. We make a bunch of extras on Sunday morning and throw them in the fridge for the next few days. Highly recommend!

 31. PB&J “sushi”

Have you ever made PB&J sushi? It’s so simple and a fun way to “spice up” your kids PB&J lunch. Simply pick your favorite whole grain tortilla, cover with peanut butter and jelly of choice. Roll it up and then slice like sushi! Easy peasy!

Fair warning though, it can be a little messy. Messy but delicious!

4 zucchini muffins on a plate with a red and white table cloth

 32. Muffins 

Who doesn’t love a good tasty muffin? Muffins are such a great snack because they can be any variety you please. Sweet, savory, whole grain, gluten-free. You name it, you can have it!

Here are a few plant-based muffin recipes you can try:

What whole food plant-based snacks listed would or do you enjoy? Share your #1 pick in the comments. If you found some new ones, write them down or make a list on your phone so you don’t forget them! Or, better yet, PIN this post so you can come back to it whenever you need some help. 


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