Pregnancy Symptoms You Might Be Missing (Before the BFP!)

There are many pregnancy symptoms that are very common but also many you may skip over as being pregnancy related.

Note: Every pregnancy is different and most of the time you don’t recognize the early symptoms until after you’ve gotten your big fat positive.

Now that I’m in the midst of pregnancy number 3, I’ve noticed there have many similarities in the symptoms I had before finding out I was pregnant and within the following week or two.

Edit: Unfortunately, I miscarried this pregnancy at 14 weeks. Read about our Missed Miscarriage Story.

What pregnancy symptoms did you have before knowing or soon after getting a + test?

Here are 3 unique pregnancy symptoms you might not think of:


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Symptom #1: Intense hunger.

Pregnancy brings a out the beast inside. Hormones are wild, things are changing, heck, our bodies are creating human life! But one thing that REALLY hits me when I’m pregnant….HUNGER. I’m talking hunger where if it takes longer than expected you cry. hunger so serious that you need to eat them and now, not a moment later. HANGRY kind of hunger. The kind of hunger where you eat the amount you normally would and don’t even feel partly satisfied. That was an obvious sign for me. It’s happened every pregnancy and was one of the first symptoms I had before even getting a positive test.

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Symptom #2: Gagging when brushing your teeth.

During pregnancy, hormones cause our gag reflex to be stronger. With each pregnancy, just thinking about brushing my teeth would make me gag and actually doing so would almost always cause me to throw up. (Sorry, TMI) The happens to many woman as their hormones increase from pregnancy so if you are experiencing this, you’re not alone. You may also find yourself nauseous, sensitive to smell, or like me, have an intense gag reflex.

4 pregnancy symptoms you might be missing

Symptom #3: Sinus issues.

As the baby grows and the blood volume inside your body increases, it is common to get a sort of…head cold. You may feel serious sinus pressure, have the sniffles, stuffy nose, headache. With my first I had these sinus problems at the end of pregnancy, also know as rhinitis. For weeks I struggled with what felt like sinus infection early in this pregnancy, which inevitably went away as soon as our baby was delivered. Rhinitis typically lasts about 6 weeks and will often go away immediately after delivery. (That was my experience both times)

It’s nothing to be concerned about, but often a missed pregnancy symptom.

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BONUS SYMPTOM: vivid Dreams

If you have never been pregnant before, let me warn you….your dreams are about to get CRAZY. Every pregnancy of mine I begin to dream intense, crazy real, and often scary dreams. Everything was weird things happening to the baby (I once had a recurring pregnancy dream where my baby would try getting out of my belly button…weird right!?) to dreaming about death or getting seriously injured. I would even dream crazy dreams about friends being pregnant and things happening to them.

PREGNANCY DREAMS ARE WEIRD. And the weird part is, I had these dreams before getting my BFP which was a clue that something was going on, considering I don’t typically have dreams that I remember.


Pregnancy symptoms are crazy and weird and different for everyone but these are some odd ones that you might also be having and not realizing it’s pregnancy related.

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what pregnancy symptoms did you have or are you having? I’d love to hear them below!