3 Things To Always Ask When Eating Out

Have you ever been to a restaurant and either the waiter tells you or the menu READS that an option is vegan but ends up not being?

It’s unfortunate but it happens…a lot. Not only that, sometimes items like the Impossible burger which are hitting chains like crazy right now, are put on a menu with NON vegan ingredients and yet are marketed as a “plant-based burger.”

Long story short…. it’s not easy being out there as a vegan! We need to ask, check, and confirm anytime we eat.

In this video I talk about 3 things you should ask or check when eating out at a restaurant. And always remember that many don’t know exactly what vegan means.

Have you come across any incidents where something was said to be vegan yet wasn’t? Any other tips you would give someone newly vegan or plant-based on how to navigate the fast food / restaurant world.

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