3 Tips For Raising Plant-Based Toddlers

When we made the decision to transition our family to a plant-based lifestyle, it was a no brainer. There was no part of me that thought that it was a bad choice. I think this was because I was OBSESSED with researching and trying new things and everything pointed towards this being a positive change for our family…including our children.

Over the last few years we have learned and experienced a lot while raising vegan kiddos. And that is what I want to share with you in the post.

If you have any questions after reading this, please share in the comments and I will make sure to respond.

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1. Get them involved in the kitchen & grocery shopping.

Even at a young age they can have a say in what fruits and vegetables they want and enjoy. They will be more likely to eat it if they participated in picking it out.

A fun way to get them involved is with a printable like the one I created here.

DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE PRODUCE SCAVENGER HUNT SHEET You can either use this as a shopping list (have them find and purchase items on the sheet) or simply hunt for them!

For little ones who are interested in the kitchen, this knife is a super fun option! Our oldest has loved helping in the kitchen from the time he could stand.

If your kids are older (4+), these knives are great as well.

2. Offer them more of what they like.

Is your child on a green bean kick? Then let them eat green beans!

Instead of arguing with them to have them make a different vegetable choice, offer options but ultimately, a positive relationship with fruits & vegetables in more important. Especially at a young age.

Need ideas? Check out these easy vegan toddler meal ideas.

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3. Practice what you preach.

If you turn up your nose to every vegetable under the sun, your kids will think that is an okay reaction.

I believe that it is our job as parents to encourage exploring new foods, which means we need to do it too!

Our taste buds are always changing so try a new food with your kiddo and make it a positive experience! (Even if you don’t love it)

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What top tip do you have for raising kids on a plant focused diet?


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