20 Healthy Plant-Based Quinoa Recipes

I am so excited to share this post because I hear this all the time, “I have quinoa but I have no idea how to use it!” Have you asked yourself that before? Well, worry no more, friends. Over the years I have put together a ton of quinoa recipes on Pinterest and in this post, I am sharing some of my favorites.

Like most recipes I share, I want to make sure it is kid approved and these are! I will say that my kids are a little more adventurous of eaters as they have always eaten this way but that’s not to say that they don’t get picky.

But when in doubt, quinoa is delicious plain with a little salt, pepper, or even vegan cheese! Just a thought for mama’s of picky eaters. 🙂

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Below you will find some delicious recipes that can satisfy any cravings, from sweet to savory. These healthy quinoa recipes are about to knock you’re socks off. There is a large variation and hopefully you see one that you are interested in trying.

You ready? Be sure to save these! All can be found on my Pinterest board.

10 Savory Recipes Using Quinoa:

1) Crunchy Thai Peanut & Quinoa Salad from Cookie & Kate

2) Roasted Sweet Potato Black Bean Quinoa Salad from Crunchy Creamy Sweet

3) Mexican Quinoa Casserole from Chocolate Covered Katie

4) Quinoa Black Bean Burgers from Plant-Based Diary

5) Quinoa Veggie Tots from Darn Good Veggies

6) Mexican Quinoa Wraps from Contentedness Cooking

7) Quinoa Buffalo Bites from Mallory Maddox

8) Sweet Potato and Quinoa Chili from The Simple Veganista

9) Vegan Shakshuka from Choosing Chia

10) Rainbow Quinoa Salad from Vegannie

For more savory quinoa recipes, check out my Pinterest Board!

Need a quick option? These are a great option for ready made quinoa perfect for lunches and on-the-go!

10 Sweet Quinoa Recipes:

1) Sea Salt + Dark Chocolate Quinoa Energy Balls from Simply Quinoa

2) Healthy Raspberry Quinoa Brownies from Simply Quinoa

3) Cinnamon Apple Breakfast Quinoa from Simply Quinoa

4) Hot Blueberry Honey Breakfast Quinoa Recipe (without honey to be truly vegan) from The Chic Life

5) Chocolate Quinoa Crisps from The Toasted Pinenut

6) No-Bake Quinoa Energy Bites from Eating By Elaine

7) Quinoa Peanut Butter Bars from The Desserted Girl

8) Sweet Potato Quinoa Cinnamon Bites from Nest and Glow

9) Mini Quinoa Sweet Potato Muffins from This Healthy Kitchen

10) Quinoa Chocolate Banana Bread from Nest and Glow

For more sweet quinoa recipes, check out my Pinterest Board!

Fun fact: Did you know that they make puffed quinoa cereal or even just puffed quinoa you can use in recipes?! There are thousands of quinoa items all over the internet.

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Before I wrap this up I want to share that If you’re looking for quinoa in your grocery store or market, you’ll want to check near the rice. It’s not always easy to find so that is a great solace not to look.

And for those curious, the BEST price for quinoa I’ve found it at Costco. You can learn more about that here where I talk about all the best plant-based protein sources out there. (Including quinoa, one of my FAVORITES)

As you begin to explore the use of quinoa, tag me in your posts! If you have questions about how to make it or what other recipes to try, check out my Pinterest or message me via Instagram or Facebook.

Leave a comment below telling me how you like to use quinoa! If you don’t currently use it, will you give it a try?!


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