100 Percent Pure: Natural Beauty Favorites

I am always on the hunt for quality, clean, plant based beauty products and today I want to share with you some AMAZING products from 100% Pure.

100% Pure has been part of my beauty routine for nearly 8 years now and I have loved it so much. Not only does the company believe in plant based beauty, they are moving to be an all vegan company!

When I got the email about the Semi Annual Sale I knew I wanted to share it with you guys. Heck, every sale that they have I want to share because these products are GREAT but the price can be little high. SO my tip to you is stock up when it’s on sale! That’s what I do. (Evidence below from the Christmas sale.)

stocked up on 100% pure beauty products

As a mom, I have minimal time for a “beauty routine.” I like to have as few products as possible and ones that wear well. That’s why when I found 100% Pure I fell in love and never looked back. (Honestly, I have not purchased any other brand makeup & skin care products in at least 5 years. 100% Pure rocks.)

Another huge perk of this company is that they are conscious of their packaging and have an “all natural” approach to everything. Their packaging is "post consumer recycled / recyclable packaging, and all plastic materials used are BPA and Phthalate free.” Pretty much everything I’ve purchased from the has come in glass jars or cardboard but you can absolutely feel the “natural” vibe they work so hard on.

“Natural ingredients originate from nature and ONLY undergo chemical changes due to biological processes such as fermentation, distillation, and cold processing.” Source: 100% Pure website

100 perfect pure vegan beauty products for the semi annual skin care sale

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100% Pure always has the best sales. the semi annual sale is no different. check out there prices!

Keep reading to see what products I love at a variety of price points you won’t want to miss. (Sale ends 7/18)

(For any item you are interested in, clicking the photo will take you right to the page!)

Sheet Masks - $3 (originally $6)

Wrinkle Smooth Sheet Mask - Single
Collagen Boost Sheet Mask - Single
Deep Hydration Sheet Mask - Single

Bright Eyes Mask - $3.50 (originally $15)

Bright Eyes Mask - Single

Lip Balms - $3.50 (originally $7)

100% Pure Cherry Lip Balm
100% Pure Orange Mint Lip Balm
100% Pure Organic Mint Mojito Lip Balm

Everywhere Sun Stick - $8 (originally $20)

100% Pure Everywhere Sun Stick SPF 30

Brightening Serum - $34 (originally $49)

100% Pure Brightening Serum

Ultra Lengthening Mascara - $13 (originally $26)

Fruit Pigmented� Ultra Lengthening Mascara - Blueberry
Fruit Pigmented� Ultra Lengthening Mascara - Blackberry

Lip Glaze - $13 (originally $26)

Fruit Pigmented� Lip Glaze - Rhubarb
Fruit Pigmented� Lip Glaze - Coquette

Although the products above are not the ONLY products I like from 100% Pure, they are the ones currently on sale for the Semi Annual Sale. CLICK HERE FOR A FULL LIST OF ITEMS INCLUDED IN THE SALE.

Naked Palette - $55

This last one isn’t on sale sadly but I love it so much I had to include it JUST incase you are in the market. The payoff of the eyeshadows are amazing! I love it.

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented� Pretty Naked Palette

Read about my favorite beauty products (not listed on this page) in my post Beauty and Body Products for the Vegan Mama.

100 percent pure vegan beauty products

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