Hello, I’m Megan! If you are wondering what it’s like to raise a family on a plant-based diet, look no further! I share my story because what we see on social media is often glamorized. We’ve been 100% plant-based vegan, as a family, since early 2017, and long time (15+ years) vegetarians before that. In early 2018 I became certified in Plant-Based Nutrition and now work as a nutrition coach! What you’ll see here is a real view of what it’s like to raise toddlers on a plant-based diet in the midwest.

Truth is, my kids smoothies sometimes turn out brown and sometimes they eat vegan cookies for dinner. We aren’t perfect and I haven’t quite figured out how to make my kids eat salads all the time…. ;) But we LOVE exploring the world of plant-based eating so we indulge and enjoy life.

My boys love eating healthy foods - I am very thankful for that - and we’ve definitely learned things along the way. Stay tuned and see as we approach obstacles with raising 2 boys on a plant-based diet.

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