The BEST Baby Shower Gift For New Moms | Binxy Baby Cart Hammock Review

When it comes to baby shower gifts or any gift for a new mom, the struggle is real. We know we want to get them something useful but not boring, right?

As a new mom we always appreciate when people stick with the registry but what about when gifts are just TOO good and unique to pass up.

This is one of those items.

When I had my first son my sister gifted me this amazing cart hammock and now everyone I know gets one because it is THAT cool.

Learn more about this amazing baby product in my video below!

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What do I love about the Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock?

  1. The Binxy Baby hammock is compact and easy to bring with you.
  2. It’s adorable and you get to have an easy eye on your little.
  3. Your little one can engage with the world which is probably my favorite part!
  4. Shopping is made easy because you don’t lose prime shopping cart real-estate.

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Not only did we use it for baby number 1 back in 2016 but we also used it for baby #2 in 2017 and will use it for all future babies too!

It makes shopping a BREEZE.

No need to carry around the massive baby bucket seat plus baby gets to stretch out and see the world around him.

(PS: but if you want to leave baby in the bucket seat, you can safely secure it IN the Binxy Baby Hammock and still have all the space in the cart for groceries… It’s incredible!)

We are HUGE fans (and both my babies LOVED it).


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