Amazing Clean Body Products For Moms That Actually Work


As a mom, taking care of your body can often seem like a low priority when you’re constantly on the go and chasing after kids. However, it’s important to remember that taking care of yourself is crucial for your overall well-being. That’s why it’s essential to have the right body care products on hand. For me, I like these products to be made with clean ingredients and (hopefully) come in sustainable packaging.  And of course I want all these clean products to actually work! 

Choosing clean body care products means that you’re avoiding harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients that can be harmful to both your body and the environment. Naturally derived products are often gentler on the skin, making them a great choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Additionally, using products made from natural ingredients can have a positive impact on your health and the environment.

But it’s not just about the ingredients. The packaging of your body care products can also have a significant impact on the environment. Opting for products that come in sustainable packaging, such as glass or cardboard, can reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills or oceans. By making small changes like this, you can feel good about your choices and the impact they have on the planet.

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Taking care of your skin and body is important for overall health and well-being. But, with so many products on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right ones for you.


Here are some of my favorite products for natural skin and body care that (actually) work:


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OSEA Malibu

OSEA Malibu is a skin and body care line that is climate-neutral + ocean positive. They prioritize naturally-derived ingredients that are powered by a unique blend of seaweed and active botanicals. There are many incredible products that I would choose over and over again. Not only do they make my skin feel amazing, I can be confident that they are good for my body and the environment. Let’s take a look at a few of the products I love.

Ocean Cleanser

This seaweed-infused face cleanser is incredibly light with a beautiful citrus scent. It is gentle and works great for normal and combination skin. If you are like me and don’t need a strong facial cleanser, this might be a great product for you!

Hyaluronic Sea Serum

As we age, we must start to focus on the health of our skin including maintaining its moisture.  Osea’s Hyaluronic Sea Serum does exactly that but in a plant-based way.  If you are new to Hyaluronic pro

Undaria Algae Body Butter

This is a creamy, rich, all-over body butter that truly leaves your body feeling exceptional.  No matter where you live, this is a great product to stay moisturized for hours.

“Nutrient-rich Undaria seaweed, whipped shea butter and ceramides melt into the skin with this ultra-hydrating formula clinically proven to hydrate for 72 hours.”(Osea website

As a midwest mama that experiences very cold winters, this product is a godsend for my skin!

Osea Malibu has amazing naturally derived, ocean-positive products that are great for the environment and our bodies. Take a look at their website for something that works for you!

Shop with 10% off using the code RPBM10 at checkout. 

Earth Rhythm Murumuru Butter Shampoo Bar

Shampoo bars are a great alternative to traditional liquid shampoos and have become increasingly popular in recent years. They offer several benefits that make them an excellent choice for anyone looking to switch up their hair care routine. Here are some reasons why I love using shampoo bars:

Environmentally friendly: Shampoo bars can be packaging-free, which means they generate less waste and have a smaller carbon footprint compared to liquid shampoos. They’re also perfect for traveling because they don’t take up much space in your luggage.

Long-lasting: Shampoo bars last longer than liquid shampoos, which means you don’t have to replace them as often. This makes them a cost-effective option in the long run.

Natural ingredients: Most shampoo bars are made with natural ingredients, such as essential oils and plant-based extracts. This makes them gentle on your hair and scalp, which is especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin.

Convenient: Shampoo bars are easy to use, and you can take them with you wherever you go. They lather up nicely and leave your hair feeling clean and refreshed.

Overall, I believe that shampoo bars are an excellent choice for anyone looking to make a more sustainable and eco-friendly choice in their hair care routine.

The Earth Rhythm Murumuru Butter shampoo bar promotes that it conditions dry, frizzy, curly, or wavy hair, softens & maintains growth, and is sulfate & paraben-free. My hair doesn’t necessarily fall into this description but this bar worked so well for me!

If you want to try shampoo bars, here are a few others that I’ve tried or want to try.

Humble Deodorant and Bar Soap

Deodorant has been a constant source of frustration in my life. I was always stuck between two extremes – either opting for “natural” products that didn’t work, or using chemical-laden options that left my underarms feeling itchy and my conscience uneasy.I’ve tried so many plant and mineral-based deodorants but this one reigns supreme for me!

What I love about Humble: 

  • Beautiful scents
  • Mineral and plant-based
  • Nothing bad inside! No alcohol, parabens, artificial scents, or dyes.
My favorite scents are: 

You can even create your own custom bundle with deodorants and soaps! Check it out. 

Enter the code MeganZ15 to try Humble products for 15% off!

Finding the right body products that truly work can be a struggle, especially for busy moms. However, with the amazing options available in the market today, like these products shared today, it’s never been easier to take care of your body while still managing your daily life. Not only are these products effective, but they are also made with natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin and the environment. 

So, if you’re a mom who wants to look and feel your best without sacrificing your time and energy, try incorporating these amazing clean body products into your self-care routine. Your body (and mind) will thank you for it!


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